Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween dinner

Here is some pictures from my 3rd annual Halloween dinner!
Witch hats filled with Chocolate pudding. I wanted to use chocolate cones, but I couldn't find them. Curse living in a small town when I need special foods for cooking!

This is my cousin Krista. She couldn't wait for dessert!

This is my nephew Preston. He loves spaghetti.

This is my cousing Konner.
This is Josh's Grandpa and his cousin Kyle.
This is my sister in-law holding Kaitlyn. She and Konner are twins.
This is Kynlee & Krista with their mom and Grandma. - Did you catch all the "K's?" The family is Kyle Don, Krista Dawn, Kynlee Diane, Konner Dean, and Kaitlyn Deann. Say that 3 times fast!
Krista loves to have her picture taken.

Yay - I got the Edward pumpkin. He has fangs! We had "Worms for Brains". That is spaghetti in orange peppers carved into pumpkins. Then we had broomsticks (breadsticks). We also had witches brew punch - it was orange. Dessert was the witches hats. We had a ton of fun.

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Anne said...

You are so CREATIVE! I love it!