Friday, October 31, 2008

My husband is HOT!

Seriously, he is. I put up a copy of our family picture at work and people can't stop commenting on him. One lady called him gorgeous. I replied that I had to disagree. He is SEXY! It's funny how much we change over the years. I stumbled onto some blogs of people I went to school with (no I won't say who!) and wow, none of them have aged nearly as well as Josh. Some comments I've gotten from our family picture are:
Wow, he is gorgeous!
That's a nice engagement picture.
You make a beautiful couple.
He takes a good picture.
Lucky you!
There have been others. I shouldn't brag, but I married well. Sigh, we would have beautiful kids! But I have to go off the hope of what my grandpa said when we told him we were adopting. He told us it didn't matter where our family came from, just remember that he thinks all his grand kids look like him. I love my grandpa!
FYI - that is not an invitation to comment about how so and so adopted and you would never know because their kids look just like them. Sorry to be blunt; I know you mean well, but actually that is something an infertile person doesn't like to hear.

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