Friday, October 10, 2008

Mars vs. Venus

I am always amazed at how different men are vs. women. We think so differently. I think the first time I really noticed it was when we were filling out our adoption paperwork. There is several (a ton) of different questions that we each had to answer. My response was 4 pages longer than Josh's. I always tried to give long, descriptive answers. Josh just always got right to the point. I have included what I thought was the funniest question that shows just how differenlty we think.
Question: How do you feel about the intimacy in your marriage? Savannah's Answer: We have sign over our bed that says, “Always kiss me goodnight.” We share a very close and intimate relationship. I think it is very important to show affection at home and in public. We hold hands a lot and kiss a lot. We are teased a lot for still acting like newlyweds after several years of marriage because we always end our phone converstations, with each other, with "I love you." I think that is very important for children to see that their parents love each other and the appropriate ways to show that love. I think that it is important in a marriage to be close in all ways. A relationship can not be based purely on intimacy, but it also needs intimacy so that a couple can truly be one.
Josh's Answer: I like it.

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Elizabeth and Brian said...

Josh sounds like my husband. When we were doing the questionnaire I would type in these long paragraphs and Brian would make a short statement. Sometimes it wasn't even a sentence. Must be a guy thing.