Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 Tricks to Treat Halloween Candy Concerns

I found these tips while looking around on the internet. I thought they were pretty good. I think Josh needs this list....

Halloween is fast approaching and, as many parents know, this is one of kids' favorite holidays. Why wouldn't it be? Dressing in costumes is a wonderful form of play... and there are sweets involved! The candy collection and consumption of trick-or-treating is what drives kids to worship this holiday. Unfortunately, it's also one of parents' main worries. Here are 4 tried and true ways to handle your concerns about candy consumption...

Make it Last
Better not to rain on their parade by letting concern for candy binging distract from kids' fun. Parents can, however, help their children take stock of their inventory and encourage them to consume less by explaining it will make their bounty last longer.

Encourage Sharing
Encourage kids to share with people they care about such as a relative or favorite teacher. Creating small gifts of candy in plastic wrap tied together with ribbon and a small note. Sometimes it is little gestures that make the most impact on a child.

Focus on Safety
Channel nutritional concerns into attention on safety issues. Make sure costumes are injury-free and on Halloween night keep tabs on the whereabouts of your child.

Fuel-Up Beforehand
Take some attention away from the candy with a good, hearty meal before venturing out to trick-or-treat. Make it fun with a quick easy pumpkin soup. Serve it with their favorite sandwich cut into ghost or pumpkin shapes using cookie cutters. This will get a festive evening off and running! Remember, this is their holiday. Help them build positive memories that will last a lifetime

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