Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning...Room 2

I had a before picture, but I must have deleted it, because I can't find it now. So picture a room in a little better order than the last room. In one corner I had a bassinet and baby swing. In another corner I had a high chair. A few toys on a little shelf. That stuff has been patiently sitting there for 2 years now. Their boxes were in the closet.
Sounds okay, but now picture the center of the room. Several boxes scattered all over, a suitcase, my Scentsy box opened and scattered around. A bag of baby clothes that a friend gave me and other baby items used for misc. baby cakes are scattered on top of the boxes that hold the FSA stuff. You could see a little bit more of the floor than you could in the 1st bedroom and you could even take 2 steps without having to step over anything.
Everything was just gathering dust. We only started to throw stuff in that room because we couldn't get in the back bedroom anymore. Tonight I was bitten by a bug (either the spring cleaning bug or the reality bug... I'm not sure).

The boxes in the closet went outside. They will be enough to feel my garbage can for the next month. I put all the baby stuff up in the closet. It's not getting used anyway. I thought I would get to use it at least to babysit, but we only have visitors for our Halloween dinner.

The FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) stuff takes up 5 boxes. I don't know where else to put them so I tucked them nicely into the corner. Another box holds the Santa Suit. (Note to really need to order a Mrs. Claus Suit!)

I had a hard moment after I had all the baby stuff put up, but I just don't want it out right now. But my wonderful little boy came in and reminded me that he is my baby. We had a cuddle moment and he even sucked his toes to let me know how happy he is.

Two weeks ago when I cleaned the 1st bedroom, I took the spare bed apart and took it out. We put the frame downstairs, but didn't want mice to get in the mattress, so it stood in the hallway. Pyro and Zipper have enjoyed it. I put it against the wall in this bedroom so it will be out of the way.
I still need to go through the FSA boxes. We've had them since November and I'm not all sure what they contain. A lot of binders, books, and DVD's. But the room looks better now. I love the progress I am making on decluttering our home. I'm not sure which room I will tackle next.

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