Saturday, April 4, 2009


We are on our way to see "Phantom". I am soooo excited! This play is not the same as the movie, but I already know I will love it. Here is some informtaion from the Hale Center Theater Website.
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (Jan. 29, 2009)

Hale Centre Theatre (HCT), Utah's premier family theatre, will present Maury Yeston's and Arthur Kopit's musical, "Phantom," Feb. 24 through April 18, 2009. The American version of the "Phantom of the Opera" story provides additional insight into the characters' pasts with original music and a staging spectacle that includes rope swings, a 20-foot spiral staircase and incorporates the theatre's catwalk into the production.

Set in a Paris opera house and catacombs in the late 1800s, the stage design reflects the contrasting decadence and darkness of the time. Technical elements include a spiral staircase that elevates center stage, a fly-in that extends from the catwalk to the pit for the Phantom's mysterious entrances and exits and a three-level suspended catwalk designed by two Utah State University professors. A slip stage that will cover a portion of the theatre-in-the-round will help create the appearance of the opera house stage. Set pieces include an arched column with more than 10,000 hand-beaded crystals and a restored organ that was gold leafed for the HCT production.

In addition to technical elements, the production features ballerinas on point to add authenticity to the Paris opera house choreography and specially designed Phantom masks that will depict the character's changing mood from scene to scene. To show disfiguration behind the masks on the Phantom's face, specially designed prosthetics were custom made by a makeup artist.
Yeston and Kopit's story and original music explore the characters and story more in-depth than the familiar Andrew Lloyd Webber version of "The Phantom of the Opera." The disfigured Phantom recluse, Erik, meets a chorus girl, Christine, and becomes her music tutor in the catacombs of a Paris opera house. Erik's passion for Christine and her voice lead him to sometimes reveal his desires for her and for the opera house in violent ways. His tragic life of parental abandonment and public humiliation are portrayed throughout the story and lead to his mad decent.

"The story asks us to analyze our misconceptions of who is good and evil as the Phantom is humanized," said HCT "Phantom" director, John Sweeney. (John was an actor in this musical at the North Shore Theatre outside Boston 15 years ago where Kristin Chenoweth played Christine). "We are invited to look at the emotions that tug at the Phantom's heart and the circumstances of his life that affect him as a human rather than as an opera ghost. Audience members come to realize that he is not an evil person, but does perform disturbing deeds to protect him and those he loves."

The musical has enjoyed regional acclaim since its first production in 1991, with more than 1,000 productions worldwide. The music and lyrics are by Yeston and the book by Kopit, Tony Award winners for "Nine."


Andrea said...

We really liked it. Have fun!!

=) said...

SO, how did you like it? Is it worth going to see?