Monday, April 6, 2009

I loved Phantom

The play was AWESOME!We had front row seats, but even the seats in the back didn't look bad. The only down side to the front row was the fog machine. The things puts out a lot of fog! But we were able to see their facial expressions better and that made it worth it. It is a different telling of the story than "The Phantom of the Opera" so if you go to see the play throw out everything you expect. But there is still a scene where the chandelier crashes to the floor; that was wicked cool!
I love the movie, but I also love the play. I think I like the story line of the play a little more, but I enjoy the music of the movie more. For both our tickets it was only $52 bucks and ticket prices are the same no matter where you sit. When we ordered the tickets back in January we looked at three different dates before purchasing, because for that price we wanted the best seats in the house! I would go again in a heartbeat.
I also found a great website:

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Teah said...

Hey Savannah you might want to contact google about one of their ads they put on your blog. When we first accessed your blog it had an ad up for fertility treatments to help gay men have a baby. I don't think you really want that on your blog. Good luck in getting that cleared up. I'm glad you had fun at phantom. It's one that I have wanted to see also. As for the books I think it's just fine to read them as long as people don't try to incorperate them into their beliefs and/or reality. Unfortunately that happens freqently with teens and children and there are people that are using this to sway beliefs. A good gosple background usually helps to even things out though. Besides I read some of the Harry potter books too.