Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adoption Happens in Nature Too

Wow, things in the adoption world never cease to amaze me!

I think this video was my favorite. Thank you Jessica for sharing it with me.


Teah said...

Oh how cute! I loved those. Especially the last one. I agree it's just what you do. Today I was really upset because we had our land lady fix a spot on the roof where some squirrels were getting in and today I relized that there was one stuck in there. I also had seen one hanging around trying to get in. In fact we saw it fall off the roof yesterday. It was pretty shaken up so it came within two feet of me. That's when I noticed it was a nursing female. I felt sick thinking that there might be babies trapped up there. So today I made Donovan pull back the metal lining so the one could get out and the other in. Tomorrow we will have animal control come over and relocate them all.
Also when I was about ten we had a dog that adopted a bummer lamb. We also have had cows adopt bummer lambs. So this really shows how loving animals can be. Thanks for putting those up.

TL said...

That is cute! I am glad that you posted it. I am a big fan of animals and adoption! :) Carlie