Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honest Scrap

I know I've done a few things similar to this, but I love doing this kind of thing! I was tagged by my cousin Kim.

1. I shot our last truck and Josh took the blame. We were out shooting pot guts and I leaned over the bed to shoot one and hit the truck. I hit it twice before we realized. We could only find one bullet hole. I think only one person ever noticed and Josh told him that he did it.

2. I almost broke up with Josh. We had been dating for a few months and I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to continue. The night I planned to break up with him he suddenly took me in his arms and it just felt so perfect. After that is when I really started to fall in love with him.

3. I have flunked two college classes. I laughed about the first one. I was a straight A student! It was my college math class. I love math, but I got busy that year and missed a few classes (some because I had learned the joys of sluffing, but mostly because I joined a school club and missed a few classes doing projects there). But the teacher was different in teaching style; that is my excuse. I retook the class that summer from a different teacher and she was so much better. She taught everything like I had learned in high school. I got an A that time. The second class was Economics. I work hard in that class! But I had to retake it anyways...

4. I dream on almost a daily basis of getting a baby. I day dream about the call and where we will be. I dream of the birth mother and what she is like. My nightmare is that the call will come while Josh is hunting in the mountains and I won't be able to find him.

5. I am already thinking about Halloween. I want to figure out how to mount my skeleton on the elk mount and make it look like he is riding it. I have started to think about my Halloween dinner menu. Josh suggested a cranberry crumble. I told him no because it isn't Halloween related. His defense... it's a fall dish. I don't care. It has to be a Halloween dish. I'm not sure what we will have for dinner, but I am tossing around ideas in my head. I can't wait!

6. When I am home, I wear Josh's t-shirts. I like how they fit me.

7. When I am upset, I like to turn the up radio loud and drive fast. I have a few Cd's that I prefer for my mad driving. My favorite one is the Twilight Soundtrack.

8.I don't ever plan to attend any high school reunions. I hated high school and was so glad to get away from there. I keep in contact with a few people, but I really don't care about the rest. That is the only part about Twilight that I don't like. I could ignore it in the book, but in the movie it makes me remember high school.

9. When I am on my 4-ten hour work schedule I let my house work slip during the week and then do everything on Friday.

10. I have the entire Section of Doctrine & Convents 6 highlighted. It took several times of reading it to do so, but each time I read there, it somehow touches my soul. My favorite verses are: 10-12, 14-16, and 22-23.

I tag EVERYONE. I am feeling lazy and don't want to list all the names. If you are on one of my blog lists, consider yourself tagged.

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