Saturday, April 25, 2009

300th post!

This is my 300th post! I can't think of anything special to talk about to mark this occasion, so instead I have complied a bunch of nature photos for your viewing pleasure. Some were taken recently and some were taken last year. Enjoy!

Rock Creek Trail - I think this was taken in 2008. We saw these turkeys up in the Pigeon Water area. I think we took this picture in 2008.
I can't remember when we saw this moose, but I think it was in 2007 or 2008. He was just a few miles up the road from our house.

This hawk was on the bank a few years ago when we went fishing. He stuck around for about an hour before he finally flew off.

These birds showed up this year in the fields just down the road from our house. They are there every afternoon.

Josh took these deer pictures this winter.
We took this picture a few years ago. It is up Hell's Canyon.
Josh took this picture last summer.
We can't remember who took these rainbow pictures, but I think we took them last year.
Here is a few more pictures of the Sleeping Lady Mountain. I am trying to decide where the very best place is to take this picture.
I took this picture earlier this week as the sun was breaking through the clouds.
This is my favorite picture. I took it as I was driving to work earlier this week.

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Desi said...

Congratulations on your 300th post! That's exciting!

Your pictures are so beautiful! You make me miss living in the country so much! This week I took Tavia to the vet and drove out to the country vet (prices were half of what they wanted in town!). On the way back home I just drove around the little town, looking at houses. I miss the space. I miss the kind of people that live in the country! However, living in the country in Texas just isn't the same as living in the country where there are mountains. My heart misses the mountains so much! In a way, I'm ok living in TX without kids, but when we have them, there's no way I can raise them without the mountains!

Thanks for the reminder of where my heart is! We're coming to Utah next month and I can't wait to get into the mountains!!!!!!