Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mountain Pictures

On the drive home I was playing around with my camera and I took all these pictures while Josh was driving down the interstate.
This must be the new winter sport. It looks like fun! I'm not sure what they are balanced on as the wind pulls them around on their parachutes, but I would guess snowboards or skis. Once again, I took this picture while we were driving and this plane was landing.
Okay, I lied. We were stopped at the gas station when I took this picture. I can't wait until spring starts to bloom at home.I know I posted pictures of Bridal Veil Falls a few weeks ago, but since my other pictures were turning out so well I took another picture.
This is the mountain behind our house. We call it the Sleeping Lady Mountain. At work we are having a photo contest. The pictures just need to have some form of our power equipment in them. I took these ones. I'm trying to decide which one to submit.

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Teah said...

I think you should enter the second one but I also like the third one. I'm glad you both made it home safe. I can't believe your camera can take such good pictures while moving. My camera just gets a big blur. I love the moon pictures. Thanks also for a picture of the sleeping lady. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I saw pictures. We could look at her from our back window. Infact if the renters will let you I think the best pictures can be taken from my parents back yard. Ok now I'm home sick. No more talk about my mountains. Thanks for the pics.