Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dinner last night

Josh is such a great husband to want to help in the kitchen. But from time to time he declares that HE wants to cook and he kicks me out of the kitchen. Isn't he just the most awesome hubby ever!
Last night was such a night. He made a Chinese Chicken recipe. It was really good. To check it out click HERE to go to my cooking blog.


Teah said...

I have to admit that I'm gealous. My hubby can barely make ramen let alone anything different like chinese food. Ok I have to give my husband some slack though. He did learn more cooking skills when I was on bed rest.
By the way that's a really good picture of Josh. I think you should put it on one of your profiles.

Meka said...

I need to add your cooking blog to my list! That dish looks soooo yummy. I am not that into cooking but I am sooo into eating! The recipe looks simple enough, I think i'll try it this week! Thanks!

Brady and Richelle said...

Awwww Josh--you're a good hubby. Want to teach Brady some lessons? Just kiddin---you might have to teach me some because Brady cooks a TON more then i do

jessica said...

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