Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Online Profile...and it FREE!

Many thanks to my blogging friend Sue who told me about It is an adoption profile website that is free. The last free one I signed up for resulted in a ton of scam emails from Nigeria, but this one looks better. It only took me about 30 minutes to get it set up and they had it approved and published a few hours later. You can view our profile HERE.


Sue and Tim said...

Just want to say I am happy to see that this helped and and that you can share this with others. I just keep trying to find new ways to get the news out there and I happen to stumble across the website just a few days ago but had no time to publish the info but I am happy to see you can use that. I hope things go great for the both of you and can't wait to hear about your new bundle of joy when that day comes and it will. :)

Meka said...

Yay!! Free is always nice. Ugg I just can't believe there are sick people out there that pretend to be placing a baby or whatever! It's a hard enough time have to wait but then to get your hopes up over something you want more then anything. Why are people such idiots?! How can anyone be so careless? I hope you have better luck with this one. How is the new agency going?

Hanna said...

So, did you guys switch agencies? (I'm on LDS group on Yahoo, but don't post often) Will you let me know how this site works out for you? I too got the scam emails with the last one and am actually STILL getting them, dumb people!

Hope you find your miracle soon!