Monday, April 6, 2009

Kittens and a Puppy

I think they are trying to tell me they want a bunk bed...Sage is doing well. I think she loves her new home, I know she loves Josh and nummy treats! Last night she found a tennis ball and loves to play with it.
She is learning to sit...

and lay down.We are also trying to teach her "load up" into the back of the pickup, but she doesn't like that. She won't even eat a nummy treat while in the bed of the truck. We will keep working on that.

We are also trying to learn to not chase the kittens. But when she sees them she won't pay attention to anything else.
Zipper doesn't do anything else either when he can see her. He is so jealous. We had no idea that a cat could be so jealous, but he is! He DOES NOT want to share his momma with anyone else, especially a puppy!
Pyro is doing much better and is so happy to be off house arrest.

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