Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This & That

We are thinking about creating new picture collages for our adoption profile. What I really want to do is to do it digitally, but I'm not sure what the best program is. I use Scrapblog a little and I just started looking at Smilebox. But so far I can't find a layout that is a portrait size vs. a landscape size. Any suggestions? Oh, and free is always great!

I'm hoping that my car will only be out of commission for another week. Last time I called the body shop (I've called every other day!) they said the parts should be here today or tomorrow and then it will take 4-5 days to fix. Last night I drove for the first time since the "incident." It's easy to not have to drive when you have NO CAR to drive! But we had to borrow a vehicle for a few days so I can go somewhere tomorrow night. I was pretty skitterish. I thought EVERYTHING was a deer just getting ready to jump onto the road. Another great note on my car - I just paid an extra half a payment on it. Yep, I'm so determined to get it paid for I will make payments even when it isn't driveable.

Remember that secret I've talked about... we are getting another nephew.
Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

We have a new favorite movie at our house "Bolt".
It is a must see!

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Meka said...

I am not into the digital scrapbooking yet so sorry I don't have suggestions. We still haven't seen Bolt but we have a dog that looks kind of like him, we will have to see it.