Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Deserted Island Question

Tia over at Clever Girl Goes Blog has asked a great question. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 essentials would you want to have with you. I think that is a serious question that needs answered.

After much consideration here is my list.
1- Josh. That really should be a no brainer. He can hunt so I won't have to worry about going hungry. He has a great/weird sense of humor, so I will never get bored. He knows how to build things so we would have good shelter. And he is really good in the outdoors. Plus I love to snuggle with him. I guess if I could only take ONE thing with me, he would be it.

2- My pets. Even though there is four of them, I am going to lump them together because I'm greedy like that. But really, Missy wouldn't come because that would be outside (cast momma cold glare!*) so I guess only Pyro, Zipper, and Sage would be with us.

3- My TempurPedic bed. I will sleep in comfort! That is by far the best money we have ever spent!

4- My Books. I really can't imagine anything more relaxing than laying on a beach and reading some of my favorites. If I can't take all 200 of them, I will have a hard time limiting myself, but some I would have for sure is: "The Visions of Ransom Lake", "The Highway Man of Tanglewood", "Divine Deception", "Shackles of Honor", "Heavenly Surrender", "The Touch of Sage", "The Whispered Kiss", "Born for Thorton's Sake" (all of which are by Marcia Lynn McClure, LOVE HER!), "Some Sweet Day," "The River Path," "Chance Encounter" (all by Jennie Hansen), "Counting Stars" (Michell Paige Holmes), "Pipit's Song" (Alene Roberts), "Towers of Brierley" (Anita Stansfield), "The Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites: The series" (Chris Heimerdinger), "Gone with the Wind" (Margaret Mitchell), "Scarlett" (Alexandra Ripley), and "The Twilight Series" (Stephenie Meyer). Whew that's a lot, but those are my must haves. Plus I would expect Marcia Lynn McClure's newest books to get delivered somehow to this deserted island. I guess that is how I will get rescued, is by the postman....

5- My Camera. This one was a little harder to decide. I really would want to take my computer, but only if I had Internet access. But then I thought about how pretty it would be and I decided I would rather have my camera there so I could document everything.

What would take? Either leave a quick list in the comments or if you do this on your blog let me know in the comments so I can check your list out.

*Everyone should know that I truly believe my kittens talk to me. Everyday when I throw them outside I know Missy is casting me a cold glare and telling me she doesn't like me very much.


Teah said...

I love the foot note. It made me laugh. I truly believe cats expressions can say a thousand words. I remember Stimpie had some good ones. Most of them consisted of "pet me NOW!"
So I can't help but ask, mainly because even though you are being neutral I'm boiling with excitement, when will you find out what that birth mom's decided? You said they were giving her the profiles today so I had all kinds of hope that she might have decided by tonight. I know it was kind of unrealistic but you never know.

Countless Tomorrows said...

No news...means no news. We haven't heard anything yet. I think I will wait another day before I contact the agent. When I know something I will be sure to post an update. Thanks for asking!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

1. Hubby (if I am going to be lost I might as well have some fun.)
2. Sunscreen
3. A knife- very useful
4. A plastic tarp- so many uses-
5. Books