Monday, April 20, 2009

A Pray of Faith and a Kiss for Good Luck

A few weeks ago we had someone email us. It was an agency and they were having a hard time finding a couple for a birth mom. It was out of state and it was a LOT of money. It was so hard to tell them no, but it just didn't feel right.

Let me make it clear that we are not looking for A baby, we are looking for OUR baby.

Last night I had a dear friend email me about a possible situation. It is in Utah and it's not quite as much money (although it is still about $12,000 more than we had originally planned to spend when we chose our agency 2 years ago). This situation feels...different. It's hard to explain. But we went ahead and mailed them some of our information after sending them an email that we might be interested. I also just spoke with them on the phone and I am working to get a few more things together for them. I was too nervous to ask how many other couples they are looking at. He did say that they are trying to get a number of profiles together to present to her on Wednesday.

I want to get excited, but for now I am in neutral. After all the excitement in February that wasn't real, I have to shift to neutral. I don't want to get excited only to hurt again. Please pray for us, but also pray for this birth mom. She is making an incredible decision right now in regards to her child. She needs all the prayers she can get. Pray that she can make the right decision, even if it isn't us. I know of several couples who received the same email I did and I forwarded it to a few more. They all deserve a child just as much as we do.

We also need some prayers for other reasons, but they are too personal to share. Please just pray that our minds can be in tune with what is best for us and our family.

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