Monday, April 27, 2009

A few updates...

I HAVE MY CAR BACK!!! I picked it up Thursday night and I am so happy. I missed it so much. Every day I would frantically look for my car keys thinking I had lost them! I am trying to make sure I don't hit any more deer.

We have not heard back from the possible adoption situation. I debated all weekend about calling them, but it really was a bit out of our comfort zone cost wise, so I've decided to let it sit. If we hear from them we will move forward. I know several people think we should pursue this further, but it doesn't feel right. But it was fun to submit our paperwork. It made me feel... excitement. At least I now know someone has seen our profile. Also on that note, I just looked at our Parent Profiles info. Our letter has been viewed almost 1000 times! Our contact us page has been view 85 times and we've even been added to someones favorites list twice! At times I feel like it is a waste of money, but we are going to continue to keep it running. I also want to thank everyone for their prayers last week. They were defiantly felt. After we mailed our paperwork I thought I would be a wreck wondering about it, but I felt so calm. Thank you so much. We are still pondering something else at our home so please keep those prayers coming!

I am trying (but not hard enough) to give up soda pop. On average I was drinking 2 cans a day of Diet Dr. Pepper. I am drinking lots more water and so far I have managed to drop to one soda a day (with my lunch) and I have been able to give up Diet. Dr. Pepper for...

Sadly, I am not impressed with my results. But I promise that once I run out of those to increase my efforts. I don't want to quit cold turkey and I am telling myself that I can still have one on special occasions, like dates (fun) and dividends day at work (not fun), than maybe I can really do this.

Truthfully, I did quit once. It was years ago. I went 18 months without carbonation or caffeine of any form! I even had a Dr. Pepper that sat in my friend for 13 of those months before I finally threw it away. My employer had a machine out in their shop and for months I begged the Pepsi guy to put Country Time Lemonade out there. Seriously MONTHS! Finally he did. I walked out with my two quarters and came back with... Dr. Pepper. But if you had to work there you would understand I why I needed to be drugged in some form. Even if it was only a soda.

I think I am finally figuring out this blogging thing. So far I have 6 comments on my Attention kittens post. I want more! Please leave a comment, even to just say hello. I want to get at least a dozen comments. Also if you are following my blog, be sure to click follow. I want to see my readership increase! If you have anything you would like to see me blog about, just let me know. I love to talk and I love to write!

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Meka said...

Haha thats funny about the soda and your work. I don't like Soda, it hurts my tongue, BUT I can't get enough chocolate and it's pretty much all the time that I crave it! Yum!! I need some now! I love your kitty post. My cats hate being locked in or out of any room, we can' t close any doors in this house without a kitty tantrum!