Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pictures of Sage

A few weeks ago I came home from getting groceries. When I pulled into the drive Sage was wrapped around a pole so I untangled her before taking the groceries in. When I came back from the truck, this is what I saw...She wants to be friends with the kittens, but they still don't want anything to do with her! She danced and rolled around Pryo for a while before Pyro had enough and ran off.We took Sage for her first truck ride since bringing her home. She DOES NOT like car rides. Doesn't she look so sad...
Josh made it about 10 feet down the driveway before she had about worked herself loose. So she rode in the front seat with him. We were taking his parents truck back so we had to drive different vehicles down. But on the way back I sat in the back seat and held her through the window.

She did like visiting the farm.


Meka said...

As you probably know I love animals and I love these pictures! My husband and I are both sitting here enjoying them! I love the cat with his back all arched, what at good shot! You are good at photography! Animals are such a great comfort when dealing with infertility!

Ashely said...

My mom says the best way to get a dog over fear of car rides is to have treats that they only get in the car. If you plan on taking her alot that is.