Saturday, May 23, 2009

Help me decide

I have been busy trying to redo our paper profile. I'm going to have it bound. It will have 4 pictures pages and then a few pages with our letter and other information about us.
I am having hard time choosing a color scheme. I think these are my top favorites. I have set up a poll on the sidebar where you can vote for your favorites.

#1 Blue/Green/Brown Stripes
#2 Blue & Brown Squares
#3 Brown & Blue Stripes
#4 Brown & Orange
#5 Blue & Green
#6 Blue & Green Stripes
#7 Green & Brown
#8 Green & Brown Stripes
After I decide with page to use as our cover I will add some embellishments and change the text up a little. I know it is hard to see on some pages. Right now I am just trying to decide with page I like best. I think I have 3 that I like best, but I mixed them up in there to throw everyone else guessing. I will probably carry the color scheme through the entire book, but I might make up a page of just me and of just Josh and if I do that, there's a good chance my page will be pink! Thanks for you help and be sure to vote or leave a comment if you have suggestions. If you can't decide between two or three, I think I set it up so you can vote for more than just one. Thanks for the help!


Ashley said...

ok can I just say a big NO on the squares and the pokadots. I think those patterns take the focus away from your pictures. You want to enhance and frame the pictures not draw the eyes away from them. The camo pattern is a little distracting too.

Meka said...

I think they all look great but I like 1 and 2 and I also like 5 and 6. I recommend putting a solid piece behind the writing so it's easy to read.

Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

Hi Savannah. I voted for #4. I love the color combination - the orange, brown, blue, white. I agree with Ashley that you do want to enhance the photos. But the page as a whole really does stand out. The page may catch the eye of a PBM and then she can look at the pictures once the page has captured her interest. I wonder if you can change the opacity of the background paper to make it less bold. If you are using Photo Shop Elements I can tell you exactly how to do that. But, I don't think it is really necessary. Also, the text is hard to read. I would add a small square of "paper" behind the text and then make it see though, so it makes the text stand out. I will email you one of my pages so you can see what I am talking about. :) Good luck! These look great! Remember to go with your gut feeling!!

Teah said...

Another suggestion is to think of what colors are more calming. Also which ones are more commonly liked. I know you want the page to display you but you also want it to sooth an already hurting soul. This may sound like mumbo jumbo but I think it would help. Place yourself in your birth mom's shoes and think of what you would pick with all those feelings going on inside you.