Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adoption Page Improvements

The people have spoken, and I have kind of listened. I can see why every one's favorite was #5 in the below post. It was simple and not as distracting. I like it too. The problem is I don't like any of the other pages in that digital scrapbook kit. With the other kits there are several more things in those kits that I love. I really want to stick with blues, browns, or greens. I think they seem to go with our pictures best.
I tried to improve my favorite three, plus I made the same changes to the favorite from the previous poll. I also found one more kit that I like and made a page with it.
#1 Blue/Brown/Orange (My personal favorite)
#2 Green & Brown
#3 Blue & Brown
#4 Green & Blue #5 Flowers
Thanks again for all the input. I really want to have these done before our yard sale that will be sometime in June. Once I decide which color scheme to go with I will work on the other pages.


Meka said...

The craft patch!! That is so awesome, I actually went to school with the author of that blog! She has great ideas and I love her blog too. I am hoping to make mine something like that. I love the new layouts I love the flowers. Did I already ask you if you wanted me to add an adoption link or button on my blog/s? If you do just let me know what link, your profile or adoption blog?

mandamike said...

I like #1 & #2 They are both nice and the colors compliment your photo's.
One of these days I need to update our profile, it's been two years...

Brady and Richelle said...

i REALLY REALLY like the first one

=) said...

#1, #3, #5 are my faves. Great job!