Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where did it go?

I've decided that this blog needed some improvements (oh no, more online construction!) Don't worry, I've already completed it. I have an infertility blog that I have decided to move my infertility stuff to. I did keep a few things here, because they were part of another posting and I didn't want to break the posting up. But if I found everything, there should no longer be anything negative on this blog. (Or hopefully any of my blogs! Please let me know if you see something negative so I can remove it.) If you need to find an article on infertility that you know used to be here, click HERE to see a complete listing of them in there new blog.


FishinFamily said...

Thanks for the well wishes. =) Hopefully this two weeks will pass quickly. =) It was fun to meet you in person at Blue Lemon. I love to follow your blog and am excited to follow you through your adoption process. It's such a rollercoater!!

Desi said...

You don't have to post this on your blog, but I couldn't find your email address so I'm sending this here! Didn't you do a post explaining how the Adoption Tax Credit works over several years? I've been trying to find that information and I don't know where it is! Can you help me out?


mandamike said...

thanks for letting us know.