Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pictures of Dallon from South Africa

Josh's mom got a package in the mail from Dallon! He included a DVD with a TON of pictures. After looking at it we decided two things: (1) they took all their camera's and combined the pictures to make 1 DVD thus insuring an endless amount of pictures, and (2) Dallon needs to give his camera to his companion more and BE in the picture. After going through the numerous photos I created a few slides shows highlighting my personal favorites. Since I couldn't seem to limit myself I made 4 different slides hows.

Sorry it will take so long to see all the pictures. A slide show was easier to create than to load each picture individually. You can click the "+" or "-" in the bottom corner to speed them up or slow them down. You can also hover the mouse of the picture to make it pause. I didn't take the time to re-caption them so the words are what the pictures were called when they downloaded off the cameras.

Here are some picture of Dallon in South Africa (he's the golden haired missionary)

Wildlife Pictures

More Wildlife (we think another missionary took these pictures, but I love them so I wanted to include them.)

Scenery (I think some of these were taken by Dallon, and others were taken by someone else.)

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Anne said...

Those are some very neat pictures! I think he is seeing some impressive wildlife, they kind he definitely won't find at home!