Friday, May 15, 2009

One way you could help us adopt

In a comment a few days ago someone asked if we have an adoption button. WE SURE DO! I still feel new to the blogging world myself, so I thought I would do a quick step-by-step of how you can add our button to your blog.

Why would you want a picture of us on your blog? Because when other people look at your blog they might feel inspired to click on it and visit our adoption blog. And maybe they'll look at it and think nothing at all. Or maybe they will know someone (who might know someone) who is thinking about making an adoption plan. Then they could refer that person to our adoption blog and TADA we could be blessed with a child. It's that simple. And then you could say, hey, I helped them find their child. That would make you so special in our lives we just might name our next kitten after you! (Sorry, it won't be our child; we already have those names picked out.)

It's easy, just follow these instructions:

1. Right click on this picture and click "Save as."

2. In the top right corner of your blog click "Customize."

3. In your sidebar click "Add a gadget."

4. Scroll down and select "Picture."

5. In the title box you could put something like "Help my friends/family adopt." Or "This couple is looking to adopt." A few months ago I helped my dad post a link on LDS and I titled it "Help me become a grandpa."

6. You can add a caption if you like, but this step is optional.

7. In the link box put this: This makes it so when they click on the picture it takes them to our adoption blog!

8. Click "Browse" to upload the image and choose the image that you saved in step one. It will take a minute to upload the image.

9. Click "Save."

Its that simple! I just did it on my cooking blog, and it only took a minute.

Also, FYI, we received our adoption pass along cards yesterday. We have 500. If you would like some to hand out, please let me know and I will get them to you. Remember, you never know where our child could come from so please help us. Please leave me a comment if you choose to do this; it'll make me feel are warm and fuzzy!

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Malone and Brittany said...

Hey girl! Go ahead and send me a couple of cards, and I'll try to give them out! You never know, if a birth mother isn't right for us, she might be right for you guys! Send me an email to and I'll reply with our address.