Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Wait, it's not my birthday, that was in January.

For my birthday, Josh's family gave me a gift certificate to a local store. I went in a few times to use it, only to realize it was still hanging on the fridge with the card. Then when I finally got it in my purse, I wanted to feel a little richer before spending it because I was afraid I would go in the store and spend more than the card was worth (yes, I have that kind of spending problem).
But last week I finally went in. I looked through their jewelry book for half an hour before deciding on these little beauties.
IThey are gorgeous, the pictures don't do them justice. And of course I was right about the spending thing. When they ordered my items they also ordered several more pieces to sell. I ended up walking out a little poorer because I could resist this bracelet. I'm not usually a bracelet fan, but I loved this one.
Thank you Barbara, Matt, Melanie, Colter, & Preston for the great present. I love it!

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