Monday, September 26, 2011

Visiting grandparents

On Sunday, my sister and the boys went with me to see our grandparents in Tooele. I don't like driving alone so I was glad for their company. But I also drove a lot slower, its more stressful driving when there are little bodies in the car. Not because they weren't good, they were perfect angels. I just felt so much added pressure to drive as safely as I could.

The fall colors are starting to show and I LOVE it. I decided to welcome in the autumn season by having my first hot chocolate. (There goes my diet!) The place where my grandparents were camped was beautiful. Each time I went outside, I had to take a picture of that mountain side.

Daxsen is only 4 weeks old now, so this was the first time our grandparents got to meet him. We decided to surprise them and not let them know when we were coming. My grandpa was so excited to see us he cried when he gave us our hugs. ( I LOVE my grandpa's hugs. It can make even the worstest of very bad days better.)

Grandma of course immediately insisted on holding her newest great grand baby.

Valex needed some time to stretch his legs after the long car ride, so we went outside for a bit. We only stayed out for a few minutes until I noticed a mosquito biting Daxsen. Darn bugs. 

Daxsen and his mom throwing rocks in the river.

Headed back to the motor home to get away the bugs. 

Grandpa holding his newest great grand baby. Its moments like this where I almost wish we could have kids. 

That moment I mentioned above? It disappears real quick when the tantrums start. I should say my favorite picture is the next one with my grandpa holding Daxsen and a jealous dog, but I think this tantrum picture is about the cutest thing ever. He kept wanting to play with the stove and each time they took him away from it, he threw a fit. At one point it was said every one was on mom's side, but if I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn't have made him sit in time out. Oh, and I love the "fake" crying that comes with these tantrums. I know I shouldn't laugh because it just makes them think it ok, but I think its so funny.

My second favorite picture. Or I guess I could say the one above is my favorite of Valex and this one is my favorite of Daxsen.

It was a fun trip and I had so much fun hanging with my sister and her boys. Hopefully we can do it again soon. 

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