Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sleeping with Gaby

Gaby seems to be adjusting well. She LOVES attention. LOVES IT! I can't take 2 steps without tripping on her and if I ignore her for .2 seconds, she climbs my legs. I forgot just how loving orphan kittens are. Missy was an orphan and she was the same way.

This makes exercising a little hard. When I get on my exercise bike, she tries to catch my pants legs as the go around. But then I worry I'll hit her head. I've tried holding her, but she won't hold still. So I found another way to keep her entertained. I have to dangle a string for her to chase, while riding my exercise bike. That seems to keep her busy.

 Her and Zipper are slowly becoming friends. Just this morning they were chasing each other around the house. The only time they don't get along is when she tries to nurse on him, which she does often.

Have kitten, will travel. :) I had to put her in the pocket of my bathrobe so I could comb my hair.

Back to the nursing. Poor Gaby still wants her mommy. She does a lot of self soothing sucking, especially at night. Like I mentioned, she tries to nurse off Zipper, but he won't let her. When she tries, he just leaves the bed.

So she sucks on the blankets. And my fingers. And my hair. I woke up Monday night; she was laying across my neck and sucking on my hair. Last night I decided to take my camera to bed with me. That's why I look so groggy, these pictures were taken at like midnight and again at 3:00 AM.

Nursing on the blanket. In the morning, several of the strings are wet.  

Trying to nurse off my hair. I don't mind, until she perforates my head. 

Once again, sleeping across my neck. I kept my eyes closed for this picture because the flash is bright in the dead of night.

Little Gaby, I'm glad you are a part of our family.

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Jessica said...

I love the one of her in your bathrobe pocket! She's so cute.