Thursday, September 8, 2011

Horse Shoe Cake

A few weeks ago we had a new gal come to work for us. She quickly learned that we take eating seriously and the women love to play show and tell. I work with several ladies who are AMAZING quilters. AMAZING. Quite often, one of them will bring in their latest masterpiece to show off. It wasn't long before Kaycee was able to see one of these creations. That led to the other women showing off pictures. 

Somewhere in this, I must have felt left out because I told her, "I don't quilt. But I do decorate cakes." I then pulled up my blog and showed her the pictures of the (few) cakes I have made. When I got to the picture of my horse shoe cake I made in my cake decorating class, she asked me to make a cake for her girls. I thought she was kidding.

This Tuesday she asked me if I could make her a cake for this weekend. I'm going to the Rascal Flatts concert this weekend, so I wasn't sure if I could. But I was too excited to pass it up. So tonight after work, I went to my mom's house and made the cake for her. I LOVE how it turned out. 

I love that I'm getting more confident about decorating cakes. I hate that I forgot shorting and had to fight the construction to go buy some.  I love that I didn't have to look online to remember which tip did what. I hate Kitchen Aid mixers. I love that I was able to get both girls names and Happy Birthday on the cake. I hate that when I put the lid on the 2nd cake, it smeared it. I love how the girls faces lit up when they saw their cake. 


Jessica said...

I think they both turned out great and so cute!

Amber said...

Looks great! Would you be willing to explain how you did the trim on the shoe please?