Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fabric No-Sew Pumpkins Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so I hope I didn't miss anything. These pumpkins were so easy and fun to make.

You will need:
18 inch square of fabric
Empty toilet paper roll
Small square of brown paper (approximately 5 inches)
Jute string
Artificial leaves
Floral wire
Hot glue gun

Wrap stuffing around your empty toilet paper roll to desired roundness for pumpkin. While holding the stuffing in place, set it in the center of the fabric, printed side facing down. 

Stuff each corner of the fabric into the center of the toilet paper roll. I tried doing opposite corners, but liked the results better when I started with one corner and then just worked my way around. 

Make sure no under fabric is showing, just the pretty printed fabric. 

Roll your brown paper forming a stem. 

I found it easier to work with if I hot glued the rough edges down. Don't worry how ugly it looks, it won't show. 

Run a short strip of hot glue up the paper partially and then wrap your jute string around. Continue this until you reach the top. 

Cut the string off and glue your edge down. 

I forgot to buy floral wire, so I peeled the plastic off the stems of my leaves and used that wire instead. 

Wrap the wire around a pen. I then cut the wire into two shorter pieces   

Surround the bottom edge of the stem with hot glue and place into the center of the pumpkin. When it has dried in place, add some leaves and vines. 

Of you can do the pumpkins THIS way. 
You will need:
18 inch square of fabric
Two 18 inch pieces of newspaper
Full roll of toilet paper
Something for a stem (she used a stick, I used the same as I did above.)

Layer your fabric, printed side down, and 2 layers of newspaper.

Place your toilet paper roll in the center. 

Tuck all of the corners into the toilet paper roll. 

Finish as shown above. Or if you use a stick, place your stick in the center and then tie a bow with raffia. 

My finished pumpkin patch. 

I couldn't choose just a favorite (or two) Halloween fabric, so I ended up buying a yard each of 8 different fabrics. I still have tons left and need to make another Halloween craft. 

In this picture, the four pumpkins on the back are the ones I made with the toilet paper rolls. All of the other pumpkins are made with the stuffing. I also made some of these pumpkins several years ago. I used Josh's holey socks for them. 


Heather said...

these are awesome!

Kirsti said...

I love it!!! I love how you used a leaf and the jute string- so much cuter! You should do some for the swap!

Savannah said...

Kirsti, that's why I was in a hurry to get them finished. ;)

Jessica said...

You ended up with some really cute ones!