Sunday, September 11, 2011

So excited for Halloween

Last year I was in a deep depression and pretty much missed Halloween. (That's when I realized just how bad the depression was.) But not this year. This year I can't hardly wait. I've already started planning a party and a few other get togethers. 

A few weeks ago, Jessica showed me the latest Sur La Table catalog. I knew I just had to have everything in the Halloween section. I was going to order it all online, but decided to just visit the store when we were in the city for the Rascal Flatts concert. I have never spent that much money in the store before now. We had to wonder around for a bit, but I was able to find all but one item I wanted. As they were ringing up my order, I was looking through the catalog so I could order the apron they didn't have in stock, and I realized, there was only 2 other items in there that I didn't get. So I ran back and grabbed them. It was the mini spatulas and the cat measuring spoons. I figured with everything I was buying, getting those two more items wasn't a big deal. 

They didn't have the apron in stock, but they went online right then and helped me order it. I already have a few aprons, but I have a feeling I'll never wear them after this one gets here. Maybe I'll go to work dressed as a chef for Halloween and wear my apron. Maybe I'll do that once a week. I seriously LOVE this apron and I don't even have it yet. 

I also decided to indulge myself and I bought an electric fondue pot. Our fondue party last New Years was AWESOME and I think it will be a yearly tradition. And since it was so good, I'm thinking of adding some fondue to my Halloween party menu. I really wanted 2 (one for cheese and one for chocolate) but decided to just buy one for now. 

Somehow, the rest of the day ended up being more Halloween shopping. I bought this cute bowl and cups at the DI. I already have several of the ghost cups from a few years ago. 

At Zurchers, I bought some paper plates and cups for my planned parties. I want to own real Halloween plates someday, but for now, paper will work. I also bought some black roses and a pumpkin pen.

Then I went to several stores to buy Halloween shirts for all the nephews. This is a tradition I started years ago (I think I've been doing it since Preston was born) and its one I plan to continue forever. 

Preston is growing into the size that seems to be hard to shop for. He's only 4 years old, why do they make such gruesome shirts for kids that age? I had to look pretty hard to find something cute and not gross. His size also seems to make it hard to find a matching shirt for him and his little brother, so no matching shirts for the brothers this year, although I did buy two of one shirt, but one is for Tyler (Melanie's boy) and the other is for Valex (Vanessa's boy). 

For Preston, I got the skating ghost and the dinosaur. I think the dino is border gruesome, but not terribly, so I decided to get it. And really, my choices after that were horribly gruesome. 

For Tyler, I got the skull and candy monster. 

For Valex, I got the candy monster and the bat. 

And for Daxsen, I got the ghost and the 1st Halloween onesie outfit.

I also couldn't resist this cute turkey shirt for Daxsen. 

I can't wait to give the shirts to the boys. I love this time of year and love being able to share it with them. 

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