Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Swap Group - No Sew Pumpkins

I wasn't going to volunteer so quickly to host swap group, but when I realized the September one would be just days after I hosted book club, I decided to get my turn over with. I figured this way, I would only have to deep clean my house once. Which I did. I worked my butt off on Thursday getting my house sparkling clean for book club. But then I just stayed on top of it all weekend so it was still clean for swap group last night. And it did stay clean, until swap group last night. But I've loved this clean house feeling, so after work tonight I plan to clean it all up. Except all the craft stuff I have out. I want to make more pumpkins. ;)

For my craft, I choose Fabric No Sew Pumpkins.

I am obsessed with pumpkins, so I decided it would be fun to have pumpkin appetizers.

Wiggly Pumpkins. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin flavored stuff, so they were my favorite. The bread and bars were good too, but I loved the orange jello flavored pumpkins.

Lemon Cider. I know, nothing pumpkin related, but I don't care how much Harry Potter likes it, I didn't want to try pumpkin juice.

The group working on their pumpkins. I asked them to bring their hot glue guns. Then when I started getting ready for the party, I found I already own three! I am prepared for a hot glue emergency.

I'm still learning (more like learning and forgetting) every one's names. I tried to get a picture of every ones pumpkins last night. Now I just can't remember which ones belong to which person.

Katie's (I think).

One of Sarah's pumpkins. Her mom, Naomi, also made some pumpkins, but they were already in her bag. 

Jessica's pumpkins.

Laura's pumpkins. Lewaina already had hers put away, but they were just as cute as everyone else's.
It was Jessica's turn to bring the giveaway. It was so cute I had to hurry and snap a picture.

I spent most of my time running around, (Where did I put the leaves? Is that ANOTHER hot glue gun of mine? Where are my scissors? My fabric scissors? I need ice for the drink.) so I only finished 2 pumpkins. I bought like 10 yards of fabric, so I plan to make more. I'll try to remember and take pictures so I can post a tutorial. But basically you just take an empty toilet paper roll, surround it with stuffing. Set it on the fabric square and tuck the fabric in. Or you can use a full toilet paper roll and some newspaper.

I even dug out my old pumpkin shirt and earrings last night for the occasion. Its a really big deal, I haven't been able to fit in this shirt in YEARS!
It was a fun night, but I'm glad I get to relax for the next several months while everyone else takes a turn. Maybe I'll get lucky again and can do swap club and book club within the same time period again. Now to relax for a few weeks before I get busy with Halloween festivities.

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Jessica said...

I had such a good time last night. The treats were also delicious! Thanks again! BTW, the green pumpkin is Sarah's. ;)