Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swiss Days

This year, we decided to go to Swiss Days with Andrew & Jessica. It wasn't really Josh's thing, so he was bored most of the time. (Except when he had road rage because motorcycles AND cars were passing us on the shoulder because traffic was so slow.) I, however, really enjoyed it. I'm already thinking about going back next year, without the hubs, so I can have more time to browse.

I only ended up buying a few things, but I love each of them. There were so many Halloween decorations. 

Right towards the end we were trying to get caught up to Jessica & Andrew when I saw this stand selling onesies. I had looked at a few stands for something for the nephews, but every one was only selling girl things. Seriously people, there are little boys for aunts to buy for too you know! I feel in love with the frog onesie and wanted to buy it for Valex and Daxsen, but the smallest size they had was 6 months. I argued with the lady for a minute about finding a smaller size. She finally asked just how small the baby was and I told her he was born that week. After that she helped me dig through all of the onesies and we finally found one for 0-3 months. It wasn't the cute frog, but I thought it was almost as cute so I bought it too.

After we finished at Swiss Days, we drove to Park City. (Where I apparently decided to forget that I had my camera with me and never took any pictures all weekend.) We had lunch at Panda Express. Then the guys went to the hotel while Jessica & I did some shopping at Michael's Crafts and Walmart. At the hotel, we enjoyed some time in the pool and the hot tubs. Then we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. (That is why Josh went; he swears he could drawn in their mixed berry lemonade.) The next morning, I soaked in the hot tub for a bit. Then we finished our trip off by eating at the Hub in Heber. It was a fun weekend and I look forward to doing other things with them.

(Like our cruise I just booked!!!!!)

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