Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rascal Flatts

Several months ago we were hanging out with the EEC when Jessica announced that Rascal Flatts was coming to Salt Lake City. Jessica and I both LOVE Rascal Flatts (probably her more then me, but I still love them too). Josh, on the other hand, calls them Flascal Ratts, he doesn't like them at all.

When Jessica said they were coming, I knew she would be there. I started to immediately think of how I could invite myself to the concert with her & Andrew, as a third wheel. Luckily for me, Andrew suggested to Jessica that she make it a girls weekend and go without him. 

We waited anxiously for months for the tickets to go on sale. The minute they went on sale, I was online to purchase them. We were hoping for front row seats, but the front section was already unavailable. But we still had AMAZING seats. We were a few rows back in the 2nd section, about center stage. 

Even after buying the tickets, we still had to wait a few more months before the concert. As it got closer, we sent texts to each other. "Only one more month." "Only one more week," We were both excited. 

It was the perfect girls weekend. We went out early on Friday and got pedicures. After that we ate out our favorite place, The Olive Garden. After checking into our hotel, we headed to the concert. 

When we got there, the preshow had just started with Justin Moore. We sat in our seats for a few minutes, but then decided to go check out the stands. 

We both wanted to buy a hoodie, but before we could get to the front of the line, they sold out. So instead I bought a magnet and a t-shirt. 

We got back to our seats just in time for the next part of the preshow, Sara Evans. I've always enjoyed her music, but I forgot how much. She was really fun to watch and I've now downloaded several of her songs on iTunes. 

After Sara Evans, we made a quick dash to the long line at the restrooms. We thought we had plenty of time. As soon as we set back down in our seats the lights went out and the stage lit up. Talk about perfect timing!
I LOVED the opening act. LOVED IT! I didn't take video, but loved it so much that I found a video of it on YouTube. 

My other favorite part of the night was when Sara Evans came out to sing "Easy" with them. I LOVE that song! Again, this isn't my video, but I loved the song so much, I went and found it on YouTube. 

It was the FUNNEST weekend. The next day I decided to spoil myself and bought a bunch of Halloween stuff I wanted. I had so much fun. Hopefully we can do something like that again soon. Until then, we have our cruise to look forward to. ;)