Sunday, September 11, 2011


For unknown reasons, we had become a family of just two cats this year. Ally disappeared early this summer and then Buddy disappeared a few months later. I have missed them dearly, but decided to not replace them. Four cats was just too many. 

I was even able to stick firmly to this decision. A few weeks ago my brother offered me a kitten. I spent all night begging Josh, even though I wasn't sure. By the end of the night, Josh said, "If I come home from work next weekend and she it there, I guess there is nothing I can do about it." I knew that meant I had his permission. 

But in the end I decided, I just don't need another kitten. I'm fine with Pyro and Zipper. In fact, over the last few weeks they have given us some scares. Pyro got pneumonia and we thought we were going to loose her. Two weeks later Zipper got sick and his eye swelled shut. Giving medicine to Pyro was not pleasant, but doable. Giving medicine to Zipper was a down right nightmare.

But I was fine with just 2 cats. 

Then yesterday, I got a text from Melanie. She had found a kitten on the side of the road and wanted to know if I wanted her. I told her I would think about it, but I really was fine with 2 cats. Then later she texted me again. Preston wanted to know if he could come see the kitten when I took her home. Again, I told Melanie, I'm still not sure I want it, but if I do, of course Preston can come visit.

I spent all day telling myself no. And it almost worked. I had told Melanie that on my way home last night, I would swing by and look. I even told Melanie that since she found the kitten, she should keep it. But Colter isn't a sucker like my husband. Before I had even seen the kitten (when I was still thinking no) I called to ask Josh when he was coming home. I hadn't even had a chance to mention it when he said "I'll come home after I go pick up kitten food." I asked what he was talking about. He asked if I had talked to Melanie. I told him I had, but I was planning on saying no. 

Then I saw her. It was easier to say no to my brother. His kitten didn't purr for me. His kitten didn't cuddle with me. But on the strange side, his kitten is almost identical to this one. THIS kitten did purr and cuddle. As soon as I picked her up, she snuggled right into my arms and started to purr. 


So I called Josh and told him to get that kitten food. 

Sadly, we think they are orphans. Melanie said she found two kittens in the shoulder of the highway when she went to Preston's soccer game. She also said there was a run over cat a little bit up the road. She gave one to her neighbor and thought she would offer the other one to me. We knew we couldn't talk Barb into taking her because, just a few weeks ago, I talked Barb into taking in a different set of orphaned kittens. I wanted those ones, but knew I couldn't give them the time they needed because they were so little. The one little guy almost didn't make it, but if anyone can make a pet better, its Barb. She did everything she could and the little guy pulled through. So because of that, Barb already has 2 kittens (which Preston and I named Mario & Princess Peach).

At least this kitten is just big enough she should do fine without her momma. Josh and I both fell in love at first sight. Each time we woke up in the night, we had to look for her and make sure she was ok.

She is definitely a loving cat. She rode on my shoulder all the way home. 

And she never goes far from either of us. She doesn't seem to like to be alone. This afternoon we went out to my car for just a minute. When we came back in, she was crying.

Pyro doesn't like her. But Pyro doesn't like anyone. Zipper is intrigued. He's only hissed a few times and that was because the kitten made sudden movements. Other then that, Zipper watches her from across the room. When she leaves a spot, he goes over to it and sniffs it over real good. I think by the end of the night, they will be best friends. 

We decided to name her Gaby. 1) Because we have spent all day watching my favorite TV show, Desperate Housewives and Gabrielle is my favorite character in the show. And 2) this kitten never stops talking. She cries when she can't find us. She cries when she can't find her food. She cries when she can't find the opening to the cat box. She cries because I think she eats too much and gets a stomach ache. Gaby just seems to fit her. 

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Jessica said...

She's so cute and I'm glad she likes the kitty hammock! ;)