Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Soccer Game

This was actually the 3rd game I've been to. Luckily I pass the playing field on my way home at night, so when I see the church parking lot is full, I suddenly remember there is a game. The same thing happened on Saturday when I was headed back from the post office, but that time I didn't have my camera. 

Preston is #6. 

At this point, I told Melanie I am so proud that he doesn't have to hold a coach's hand while playing. Yes, I know they are just young kids, but I can get competitive, so I'm thrilled Preston can handle the pressure on his own. 


Towards the end of the game, someone pointed out that the other team was short a player, because she was playing on the flag pole. Really, all that did was encourage the other kids to go play on the flag pole. Preston, not wanting to miss a moment of fun, was one of the first kids there. 

My camera battery died, so I didn't get very many pictures. But I LOVE these pictures I got of Tyler, especially the last one. What a cutie!

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