Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Club - "Marly & Me" by John Grogan

As soon as book club finished my first book, I immediately started thinking of what book I wanted to read next, even though I knew I had MONTHS to decide.

This spring, while out shopping with the EEC's, we were browsing around the DI. I saw this book and decided to buy it. I thought it might be a fun read for book club. A few months later, we were once again at the DI. Jessica had mentioned how she is trying to find a copy of all the books we've read. We saw a copy of "Marley & Me" and I told her that was the book I was considering. (I think I still had 2 or 3 months before it was my turn to choose.) So she bought the book also. Now I felt committed, we had each spend an entire $2 on this book!

Because the summer got so busy and hectic, we decided to skip book club in August and start back up in September. I read the book in July so I could know I was choosing something good before passing it on to everyone in the group.

By the time book club came in September, I had read 25 other books. (I'm actually keeping a list of books I've read this year.) So to refresh my memory I thought it would be fun to watch the movie at book club.

I started with dinner (which I forgot to take pictures of). Recently, I dug out all of my Halloween Taste of Home magazines and decided to do most of my meal from them. I couldn't decide on a main course, so instead I went with Chunky Potato Chowder from Better than Burgers.

Everything else came from the magazines. I need to remember how much I like these magazines and dig them out all year! I have 3 more events I'm hosting at my house before Halloween and they will each be lovingly prepared from these magazines. For a drink I served Festive Cranberry Drink. For a bread I decided to try a new roll recipe, Parmesan Rolls. For dessert I went with something I've tried before, German Chocolate Bars. And since we were watching a movie, I decided we needed Goblin's Orange Popcorn, but I colored mine purple. It was my favorite thing that night. It was so good. Josh doesn't care for popcorn, but I made him try it too.

The book was really good and so was the movie. I'm glad I decided to choose it. I probably won't get to choose the book again until next spring, but I'm already busy thinking about what book to choose next.

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