Sunday, March 29, 2009

A proud moment for Josh

Josh spent all winter trimming down the coyote and fox population around our house. It is now a safer place for our kittens to run around outside.
There is 12 fox's and 11 coyotes. And the funny thing (at least I think so). The gun he is holding...he didn't use it. He just wanted to hold his pretty gun for the picture.


Misty Dawn said...

holy cow! thats crazy! but thats an awesome picture! way to go josh!

Anne said...

LeGrand loved this picture! I'm sure the other boys would be impressed to, but they are at school or asleep!

Sue and Tim said...

Wanted to say congradulations Josh. It looks like you really enjoy to hunt. I never understood hunting until I moved to Michigan. I lived on Long Island New York for 19 years of my life and In New York they don't hunt or kill any rodant or animal so when I came to Michigan you can imagine my suprise when we decided to take a drive up north during hunting season and deer's where laying died in the back of the truck I was stunned and had to close my eyes. Now living here for nearly 9 years things have changed. That piture is very interesting though I don't think I have ever seen that many dead animals in one spot in my life.
I also wanted to say thanks to Savannah for the encouraging words on my blog. It does help to know someone else is out there going through the same thing. I am just one of those people that can't just sit and wait. I am definatly a go getter. I compare it to if you wanted to get a job and only posted the resume on monster or career builder and that is all I did and just wanted for soemthing to come along I woulnd't do that I would also go into places and see if there is an opening or I would check every paper I could and do all I could but that is me. I feel like I want it so bad I would do as much as I could to obtain my goal and some people think that is strange I have been told. I wanted to say thanks for your insite and help to understand not everythihng just comes right now sometimes it takes time. It is hard when I have a few friends that are pregnant and countless baby showers I have to attend doesn't help situations any. And by the way these are people that got pregnant first try or some that got pregnant with in 3 months of trying. I also saw that you said you had your profile on I wanted to tell you there is this other website called parents and it is a free website to post your info. I didn't have time to get around to doing it yet we were not home this weekend but this next weekend we were and I thougth this might be another outlet for you to get the word out and the most important it is FREE. Yeah i like that. Hope that helps too.