Monday, March 23, 2009


We have decided to switch agencies, probably this summer. The odds of getting a placement with our current agency are quite low. They average about 100 birthmothers to 1,000 waiting couples. I don't like those odds. The positive side to our agency was the price, but that just isn't enough anymore.

We have been looking at international adoption, but I don't know if we will pursue that yet or not. I would like to do it someday, but I would like to be more familiar with how adoption works before we start looking over seas.

There are several agencies here in Utah that look like great agencies. We are looking pretty seriously at A Guardian Angel Adoptions. They have great odds. About once a month I hear that they have birthmothers due immediately, but no families to place the baby with. If I had the thousands of dollars they require, we would already be parents.

I am still clinging to the hope that we can adopt without going into debt. So we have decided to try a few things. I just added a link in our sidebar where people can donate money to our PayPal account. I have seen other prospective adoptive couples do this, so I hope it has good success.
We are also looking into doing some fundraisers. We thought about doing the Little Ceaser pizza kits, but the Boy scouts in our area are doing that right now. We might consider it again in the fall. We are also looking into selling candy bars. We would love any suggestions!


=) said...

Savannah, you remind me of me last year. I am excited for you guys to find and bring home your baby, however that comes about! I have a feeling that as motivated as you are your wait will not be too much longer, even though it feels like that now. You're doing a great job telling everyone- that's how it happened for us. I know God has a specific little person in mind for you, so keep holding on to your hope. Also, a word of advice (hope you don't mind) be careful when you feel so desperate for a child(I've definately been there) not to get too anxious and get in over your head in debt. I remember like you, thinking if I just had about $15,000-$25,000+ I could have a baby next week. Oh, that's so frustrating. But it will all work out, and the Lord will provide a way to find not just A baby, but YOUR baby.
One option we seriously considered is
With them, you only pay the advertising or finders type of fee, and then they match you with a birthmom, then as long as the bmom agrees, you can use LDSFS as your agency. This was the most viable option that I found other than simply through LDSFS. Lots of luck to you!

Elizabeth and Brian said...

A sister in my parents ward has adopted 4 children and now has just adopted 3 newborns all at once from adoption law network. She says they have birthmoms with no couples and are in need of couples. From what I researched it is costly but fast. They do offer financing.

Meka said...

Our social worker told us about a couple that raised a couple thousand just by asking everyone and i mean EVERYONE they knew to save their spare change in a jar and donate it to them after it was filled! If you ever get a job offer in Vegas take it, to give you an idea we only have about 16 couples waiting, most have kids already and last year LDS placed 20 babies which was low for them. I wish you lived here but I am sure you will find an agency there. Paying for it's the hard part. Oh also if you sign up for this you can do in store demos on the weekends for 16 bucks an hour and you can take home the left over stuff! It's a side job that helped us pay off our IVF and they do have it in Utah! I will let you know if I think of anything else.