Sunday, March 22, 2009

Josh's New Best Friend

Josh got a dog this weekend. He is so excited and he is already so in love with her. We named her Sage.

She didn't know about riding in the back of the truck. So I rode in the back seat with her.
Zipper does not like her. Missy doesn't seem to know she shouldn't like dogs. She doesn't like Sage, but she isn't scared of her either. Pyro is still under house arrest (but she is healing up nicely) so she hasn't really met her yet.
I think Zipper is mostly jealous. He cries when he sees me petting Sage. He will slowly go up to her, and when we aren't looking, he will take a swipe at her. Hopefully he will adjust after a few days.


Lucy said...

I love it when cat meets dog. In a few days he (cat) will set the ground rules for dog and then all will be fine. :)

Brady and Richelle said...

I think Sage is so pretty!!! I bet you guys are excited!

Meka said...

Aww CUTE! You will love having a dog! It will take your cats a little while but they should eventually warm up. Mine did at least.