Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poor confused puppy...

Every morning we leave for work and worry that Sage will get herself tangled up. And every evening we come home to find that she really didn't do too bad. She's only lost a foot or two of her chain. So we play with her for awhile and then go in the house. Ten minutes later we will look outside (because we are so excited to finally have a puppy!). When we look out, we find that she has managed to wrap herself up and now only has a foot of chain left. I like to think that she is so happy to have us home that she keeps trying to check the different doors and that is how she gets all tangled up.
And the dog house built with love by Josh. Apparently it is for decoration only. Every morning we put her bone, chew toy, and mat in there. Every day she pulls everything out, mat included. We have only seen her in it once. And don't mind the picture, we haven't finished it yet. Josh is going to shingle it this weekend. He is hoping that a construction job will have some left over scrap siding that he can put on the dog house. I just want to paint it pink!

She has figured out the "nummy" treats. As in, don't do what humans say, just wait until they are distracted and take it from them. We are trying to learn sit and stay. We will keep trying.

*We do realize that it takes time, patience, and repetition to train a dog. But since we have nothing else to blog about you will have to read about us and our puppy.

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Ash said...

You guys will be glad you have a dog when your baby starts eating solid food. Clyde is the best vacuum. There are only a couple of things that he won't eat. The only problem is that he thinks he can take the food out of Liz's hands when shes walking around with a snack. Whether she gives it to him or not.