Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's snowing

Most people are upset. I understand that. Last week the weather was nice and you could feel spring in the air. This week it is cold, but not miserable. And I am not going to complain because I can still remember last year...

We took these pictures a year ago. We had so much snow last year. I loved it, but I think winter is a beautiful time of year and I would rather deal with the colder snowy weather than the blazing hot summers. Except I like to go outside in the summer. I wish the snow wasn't so cold.

To give you a better idea... Last year, we still had snow behind our house the first part of June. This year, we never had snow last on our lawn for more than two weeks. It always melted before the next snow storm. Last year, we couldn't use our front door because the snow falling off the roof to the front porch was feet deep. This year, well we never even had to bother to shovel the walk. Last year, we drove through a snow drift that was taller than our truck. This year, I think they snow plow only had to come up our lane three times.

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Ashley said...

Oh man the first week we were in New York it snowed for a week almost straight! It would stop for a few hours here and there but it was pretty much snowing for days. It went from basically no snow to like 3 feet in 6 days. It was nuts!