Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some updates (mostly Halloween)

Last night I finally finished all of my Halloween craft kits. When I loaded the pictures off of my camera I found a few other pictures and decided to upload them too.

Buddy has pushed this paper bag across half the house and then back again.

Last Sunday we went to Josh's parents for Conference Breakfast. Each year I mean to takes lots of pictures, but some how the only picture I got this year was of me saying hello to Honey. All three of the kittens are doing well and love living at the farm. I held all of them for a minute, but then they were off to explore some more.
Its getting colder at night and Buddy has learned how to climb under the bedding.
You can see his momma in the very top of the picture, she is looking for him. 

The broom is LOTS of fun to play with. Both Ally & Buddy enjoy it. It hasn't been knocked off the wall yet, but the spiderweb that hangs by it was on my couch one day when I got home so someone knocked it down.
Zipper made a new friend.
Here are my Halloween kits I got from the Idea Closet. The BOO kits was a lot of work because you have to trace the paper around the block. The first night all I got done was my first BOO kit and then I used the paper to trace out more for another kit. (I sent one as a gift to a friend.) I usually switch her paper out for my own, but I loved this paper so much I decided to use it on one of the BOO kits.
I love how this kit turned out, just wish I could get my camera to take a better picture. I hurried and took pictures before work this morning so I didn't take the time to use my bigger camera.

Barbara gave me this cute witch the day we went to Conference Breakfast. She is so cute! Barbara must know how much I love Halloween because I noticed when I put her up that I have several Halloween items that Barbara has given me.
The BOO kits I kept for myself.
I bought these kits, but talked Jessica into putting them together for me last night while I worked on my BOO and Happy Haunting Kit. I love how they turned out and I'm glad I got her to do them because I HATE tying bows and I know mine wouldn't have been as pretty.

I had to rearrange a few things to make room for my new decorations.

I'm not sure why this picture loaded at the bottom instead of by the one similar to it, but it seems like a great way to end this post. :)

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Heather said...

You always have the most adorable decor!!! I love it!