Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Club - "Jayhawk" by Dorothy Keddington

Jessica, Kim, Randi and I decided that after cake classes were all over we still wanted to have an excuse to get together often so we decided to start a book club. I was excited about the idea, but nervous about how it would work so I made no moves to choose the first, or second, book.

Kim saved me by volunteering to choose the first book. One of her favorite authors is Dorothy Keddington. She said her books are not as well known, so they are harder to find. Her family finds a lot of her books at the DI. DI! I never think to look there for books because I can't imagine giving my books to the DI. Kim went through her families supply of books and got us each a copy of "Jayhawk". It was so good! I finished mine in just a few days, which left me a little sad because it was still 3 weeks until book club. So I borrowed another book from Kim by Dorothy Keddington, "The Fairy Thorn" and read it too and now I have "Return to Red Castle", but I haven't started it yet. I guess its clear to see I am hooked.
*Picture was taken from since I wasn't smart enough to take a picture myself.

Book club was held last Thursday at Kim's home. Randi also brought a friend and we had a great time. We started the night by eating some of Kim's delicious mini pumpkin pies and cider. I'm not a fan of pumpkin, but they were so good and I loved how cute they were in the muffin pan to make them individual servings. I loved the cider; Kim thought it was a little sour, but I thought that was what made it so good.

I really didn't know what to except about book club. I thought that book was good, but didn't know how else to discuss it, but the others all brought up good points that made me think about it more deeply. It was such a fun night.

Next months book is "Baptists at our Barbecue", by Robert Farrell Smith. I know I should just get a library card, or share the book that is being passed around, but I'm weak when it comes to books. I think my month will be January to host book club, and I'm still having a hard time deciding what book to choose so I went on a few weeks ago and bought a few books to read and before checking out I of course adding Randi's book to my cart and bought it too. It was so hard waiting 3 weeks to discuss the book with everyone last month, so I've not started the book yet. Well, that and I have several other books I'm reading. :)

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