Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Decorations 2010

Yesterday I got my Halloween stuff up. I love how my house looks this time of year! I have a few kits that I ordered that I still have to put together, but for now, this is what my front room looks like. 

Every year I try to do something different with this skeleton, which means each year it gets harder to come up with a new idea. So I told him to just sit and watch TV until I can figure out what to do with him. I think he told Josh he could have the remote back after he pried it from his dead hands.

My family of ghosts. 

 My pumpkin patch on the piano.
 The shelf above our couch. The piano used to be under it, but there is no plug in outlet in that wall for my Scentsy, so I had to reorganize my front room.
My broom. Josh and I are making bets on whether Buddy climbs it or just knocks it off the wall.
My Halloween kitten collection. :)
 My shelf above the computer. Notice I did put up my few bat decorations. I guess they only scare me when they are real.
My hanging ghost and one of my hanging spiders. 
My witch trapped in the piano.

And of course my bathroom.


Jessica said...

My vote is Buddy will try to climb the broom and in the process knock it down. :) How's that? ;) I love you skeleton with the remote and your witch in the piano the very best!

KT said...

We love Halloween too! I was thinking about getting out the decorations today, but ran out of time...maybe sometime this week.

I am in a mentoring program and my mentee is 11 years old. Her mom does not celebrate Halloween. It is so difficult for me to understand...

Meka said...

I love your bathroom! I also love all your wood crafts. Where do you buy those cute kits from? Oh and I also like the skeleton, you should keep him there!!

Christine Dallimore said...

I love that you love Halloweeen!!! It's just such a fun holiday! I also love that Halloween witch caught in the piano- classic and totally going to make on one year!! :0)