Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog 2 Print

Earlier this year my cousin Jessica had her blog printed in book form. It was so cute so I decided to do it too.  I started blogging in August of 2008 so that book wasn't very big, but my 2009 book was HUGE. I used Blog2Print. For me, it was a bit of work because I decided to go through my blog and re-add some posts I had removed and then remove some post that I didn't need printed, like videos. The smaller book cost about $50 and the bigger book cost a little over $100. Blog2Print runs a 15% off sale every few months, so I decided to just wait for another sale. By waiting for the sale I saved $24, so I basically got my smaller book for almost half the price! I really like the books, they remind me of year books. I want to do one every year so I can have a hard copy of my blog. Josh and I had fun looking at it them last night remembering different things. And when I showed them to my cousins, Andrew found his favorite post about the cats being left out in the rain. 

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Adoptive Momma said...

I love this! Thanks for the post!!