Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kim's Halloween party

Last night we went to my cousin Kim's Halloween party. It was so much fun. We played Halloween Jeopardy and then we played a game were we had to throw candy corn into a bucket. Both games were boys against girls and the boys won both games. The girls even had some of the younger kids throw candies into the basket and we still had a really low score. Kim also had some door prizes. Josh's name was the first one drawn. I thought he would pick something out to give to the nephews, but he just grabbed the first thing his hand touched, which is a bag of gross fake body parts. Yick! I was one of the last names drawn and I choose the moon shaped cookie cutter. 
Halloween is my favorite holiday and yet I have never dressed up for it since we got married. Every year I look for a costume, but I think they are all to slutty so I never buy one. But this year I wanted to dress up for the party so I looked extra hard. I think I changed my mind 50 times. Last week when we went to the city I thought about being a rodeo queen, but all the tiaras look cheap, too young (like Barbie w/ fur on it), or if I found one I liked, it was expensive. 
Then we went into a Halloween store and I saw a red cape. One of my ideas had been little red riding hood, but I could never find something to go with it that I liked for Josh. The Fashion Bug was right next to this Halloween store, so I left Kim & Jessica to their shopping and ran next door. I found a black skirt (which I was in desperate need of anyways) and then a cute top. So then I ran back to the Halloween store and bought the cape. Then at Walmart I bought some fabric and flowers and used one of my baskets to make a basket to go with my costume.  I loved how it all turned out. 

Josh, of course, was a cowboy. He was willing to dress up as anything, but I think he is such a good looking cowboy that I let him do that. So he was Clint Eastwood's,  "The man with no name".


KT said...

We are big fans of Halloween too. I think my favorite costume was a jelly fish...lots of bubblewrap! Unfortunately, one of our friends kept insisting I was scrubbing bubbles!

Jessica said...

Andrew and I had never dressed up for Halloween either since we've been married. We're so alike sometimes that it kills me! It was a fun party and it was fun to hang out as couples for once too. :)

Mom said...

Cute costume!