Saturday, October 9, 2010

Josh's Elk Hunt

Josh and Dallon were extra excited about this years hunt because they have horses now so they can go hunting up high in the mountains. Last week Josh found a sore on his horse and decided he better not ride her until it has healed up, so he had a friend that lent him his horse. 

 The hunt started on Saturday, so they wanted to go up the mountain and set up camp on Friday. It took a while to get everything gathered up and ready to go so they left about 12:00. One of the things I made Josh do before he left was to light the furnace because I was FREEZING. Fall weather is finally here, YAY! As I was cuddled under a blanket with the heater running that night, I realized, it has rained all week and now tonight it is going to drop below freezing, I hope they stay warm. 

Josh said when they left the trail head it was about 35 degrees. They got to the area they wanted to camp and there was snow. So after some discussion they decided to turn around and come back home. 

Bright and early (4:00 AM early) Josh left the house so they could head out for the hunt. The day before one of the horses threw his shoe, so they were down to just one horse again and they decided to just hike in. About 11:00 Josh's mom called to say that Dallon had called and said that Josh shot an elk, but then the call dropped. A very excited Josh called about 2 hours later to share his exciting news. He is so excited to finally be ranked among the hunters who have killed an elk in the mountains. I'm excited that its a spike and hopefully won't taste as bad as the big elk he shot a few years ago.

I am so excited there is snow in the mountains, its only so long until we have it down here too. This may start up the nasty comments, but I really do love winter more than summer.
They also got a few pictures on the way. I love winter, but even I can agree that fall is simply beautiful.

Now I just need to survive Deer Season. 

*I'm not sure about all the changes Blogger has made, I can't get my pictures to line up like I want them to.

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Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

That looks really cool! Congrats on the elk. Que drew out for a rifle deer tag and went out last month (it was on private land).

He shot one but because of the rough terrain, they couldn't find it. Oh well, maybe next year.