Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fondant Decorating Class: Week 1

Last night Kim, Jessica and I started our Fondant Decorating Class. I started buying supplies for this class a few months ago so I have been super excited to get started.

First we learned that you have to knead the fondant (we bought some Wilton Fondant) until it is warm and more workable. You can buy colored fondant, but we all had white fondant. So next you have to knead in your coloring. Randi recommends using gloves because your hands get colorful, but we didn't have any. I only have a few spots on my hand this morning, so I must have done pretty good. I shaped my fondant into a cup shape and put the dye in the center. Then I folded it on top of itself and kneaded it some more to work the color in. After coloring my fondant my wrists hurt because it is so much work. But it didn't matter because next you knead in some gumtex.

After the color and gumtex was mixed in, we rolled it out on a mat and cut it into strips. I need to get better at rolling because one end was really thick and the other end was not. After cutting them in strips we made them into loops using water to seal the ends. We also cut out a circle that we will form our bow on. Then we cut some thinner strips and wrapped them around some dowels to make curlicues.

Every thing has to harden for a few days before you can assemble the bow so we will do that next week. It all seemed like a lot of work to not have an end result that night, but it was so much fun.

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KT said...

I have never heard of "Fondant" do post more after your next class!