Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bountiful Baskets October 16, 2010

Yesterday was another Bountiful Basket. I had already made plans to go to the city with my best girls so I wasn't going to get this basket. But then Josh shot his elk and ended his hunt early, so I asked him to get it and being the sweet husband is he said he would. :)

The vegetables were:
8 green onions
4 cucumbers
2 stalks of broccoli (Buddy took a bite when Josh wasn't looking)
1 head of Romaine lettuce
3 carrots
4 tomatoes
4 grey squash

 And 4 whatever these are. Can someone please tell me what they are.
*Update: I have learned these are called grey squash, but they are very similar to zucchini. I think I'll use them to make Grandma Vonne's Lemon Zucchini cookies.
 The fruits were:
8 bananas
2 bags of grapes
2 pomegranates
7 oranges
1 cantaloupe
8 apples (but only 7 made it home, Josh ate one while driving home)

I'm a little more intimated by the vegetables in this basket because I'm such a picky eater. But that is all my fault so I will do my best to make sure nothing goes to waste. It will be easier to use everything once Josh no longer works out of town. 

Leave your suggestion on how you would use all the produce from this basket. 


Anonymous said...

If I were Savannah I would give it to my friend/cousin Heather R.

Chicken aka Emily said...

I don't mean this the wrong way, but how can you be a Mormon in Utah and not know a zucchini?

Don't be intimidated. They make delicious treats. If you're really ambitious, zucchini bread is delicious. However, if you want simple and yummy, just cut them into slices and sautee them in either butter or, better yet, with bacon (cut into pieces) until they turn soft.

Savannah said...

I thought it was zucchini, but I thought it would be bigger. And I don't like zucchini. :( I think I'll use it to make zucchini lemon cookies for Josh.

Meka said...

Hey! So I got my first basket yesterday too!! I found an open location finally!! So tonight I made spaghetti and the sauce I added one grated up zucchini and a cut up tomato and it was yummy!! I don't like any kind of squash too much either but I couldn't taste the zucchini strongly at all! Oh and we got more carrots and no cantaloupe!! Sucky huh?!! Everything is really really good except the oranges! How are your oranges? I like this because it motivates me to eat healthier! Thanks for posting about it!

Jessica said...

Andrew said on fb Bountiful Baskets is calling them grey squash, but saying they can be used in substitution for regular zucchini. I'm calling mine zucchini as well so I'm going to make zucchini brownies! We got slightly different portions again this week. You'll have to check out my totals when I get them posted on the blog.

bookladydavina said...

if you need a good recipe for carrots, I've got one for ginger glazed carrots.. basically you just take the carrots, slice them up and saute them in butter and a can of ginger ale (maybe less then a can depending on how many you are making..) cover for a bit and let them simmer then reduce the liquid til it makes a sweet ginger glaze.. my hubby loves them. if you want the actual recipe, let me know and I will find it (i need to dig it out here soon for the holidays anyway...)