Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I think I can now justify the Cinch binding machine that I bought in August. I spent the last week making twenty-seven 4x4 notebooks and eight 3x8 notebooks. They were fun to make. The hardest part is cutting everything out, especially the inside paper. Each of the smaller books have 50 blank pages inside, so you can imagine how time consuming that was. I also considered not tying ribbon on the rings, but they just look so much cuter with ribbon. I tried to make a few boyish colored ones, but then I also added ribbon to them.

Most of them are Christmas presents, but of course I'll keep my favorites for myself. :)


Jessica said...

The long ones are a fun size. I love that you made a matching set for yourself also!

Kara-Jane said...


Those are super cute!

Have a Wonderful Christmas!


Mama Bee said...

Super Cute!!